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Friday, October 17, 2008

Vending is Everyplace - Don't Get "Tunnel Vision".

I realize that this video has been floating around the internet for a little while now but I decided to post it anyway. I'm not trying to make any kind of political statement, I am trying to make a statement about vending:

Now like most people I watched this and thought, "Oh my God, you have got to be kidding me!". Actually the first thing I thought was, "How the cigarette vending industry is almost completely dead but somehow Marijuana vending is on the rise!?"

But then it dawned on me that this is a great example of how we need to stop thinking of vending as simply a gumball, candy or soda machine. Vending machines do everything from get us coffee, to our morning paper paper, to allowing us to drive on toll roads. Vending is everywhere, not just in the snack room. I am not suggesting we get into vending drugs but expand your mind and find a niche in the vending business.

Happy Vending!

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