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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Vending Rules Blog - Question #2 - How Much Do Vending Machines Make?

Here is another vending question I got last month:

"Well i have a drink and snack business, and i would like to know what i sould be making per machine, I do (Ok) but i think its under performing and i can't seem to find out any real $ averages in the business i want to expand but i feel that i need to know if its worth it. "

Vending Rules Answer:

OK, I got this email late at night. I'll assume the writer was just a little tired when he wrote it ;-) Anyway, I understand what he is asking so here is my answer.

The reason that you will not find specific numbers is because there are no specific numbers - every location is different. I have locations with 20 people that eat and drink more from my machine than locations with 50+ people.

If you feel a location is under-performing you need to first talk with the location employees and find out what they like. Then look at what does sell and see if the sales reflect what they say. For example, I had a location mention to me that people eat from my machine for breakfast. When I took a second look at sales I could see that coffee cakes and pastries always sold well. So I removed a row of chips and added more pastries - my snack sales doubled! I then added canned juices to my soda machine and began selling out of those selections on a weekly basis.

Occasionally though you will find that NOTHING helps. The people simply do not eat from your machine. If that is the case, move the machine. Find another location and place your machines there instead. Sure it is a pain, but not making money is a bigger pain.

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