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Monday, May 21, 2007

Charity Vending Blog

I want to make one thing clear about the vending business. You WILL NOT become successful unless you learn how to locate machines. I have NEVER heard of a "success story" where someone used a locator. In general the whole locator/national charity deal is a scam designed to sell you lots of expensive machines - and transfer your hard earned money into someone else's bank account.

Using a LOCAL charity is a great idea but it mut be approached and implemented properly. Most charities will not understand the value of the passive income you are providing them so you have to take time to explain it. Most importantly you have to show them how it will benefit them as an organization. You also need to pick a charity that you truly believe in and want to help. If they feel you are merely trying to use their name to build your make your business money they will not be very receptive.

I have actually created a little hand-out for them (with pictures and everything) I then follow-up (in person) and review how the program works. It takes a little while but once they get their first commission check they'll be placing machines all over town for you.

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