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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Change your Vending Machine Locks

Regardless of whether you buy a brand-new machine or a good-quality used vendor, the first thing you will want to do is change the locks. New vending machines are shipped with what is known as a "shipping lock", which utilizes an especially common key, so you will want to install a more secure lock from the get-go. With a used machine, you may never know if anyone else has ever had a key, so the best bet is to have a trustworthy locksmith change the locks. Often they will not have the locks you need in stock. Surprisingly your best source for replacement vending locks is eBay.

If possible, I would recommend that you key all of your vending machine locks with the same key so you will not have to be fiddling through a pocketful of keys searching for just the right one while on location. If you have a larger machine, especially if it is in a public location, you may want to add either a hidden shackle padlock or a shrouded hasp for an extra layer of security.


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