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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vending Route Fuel Cost

High gas prices seems to be on everyone's mind. While I am the first to say that if the price of gas should never destroy your vending route's profitability it does indeed take too big of a chunk. The next few Vending Blog posts will be some strategies that will help you minimize the effect they have on your profits.

Increasing Machine Capacity:
Increasing the globe size (for gumball machines), or adding a extensions to the backs (for machines commonly found on racks) help eliminate the need for frequent refills. At some of my locations I have given them free machine upgrades. Many of my snack/soda locations have been upgraded to larger machines and most of my "toy ranks" have been sdjusted to 25" (and larger) tower machines (with extensions on the back). Locations love it plus now I can go to them half as often (with twice the money waiting for me).

With the number of vending operators out there going under I have been able to get all the larger equipment at great prices. I will then list and sell my smaller machines on craigslist or eBay. If you sell and buy right this should not be a big cost - certainly with a payback of 6 months or less. I've even had several instances where I made money changing the machines!

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