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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Vending Blog Question #3 - Placing Honor Boxes

Question: I just recently added honor boxes to my business, and as I'm trying to get them out I get a lot of customers tell me that we had one before and it was always short, so they don't want one. Is their anyway to persuade them otherwise, or am I better off not to put it there. I have only solicited to employee based firms, I do not want to place them out for the public.

Vending Rules Answer:

I would like to first confirm that your placement ratio will be able 1 in 20 the first couple times you try. Once you've placed a couple boxes you'll not only gain confidence but you'll also have spoken with customers and have a better idea of what "sells" them on the idea of letting in an honor box. Plus once you get a few customers word-of-mouth really begins to help. Unfortunately in the beginning you have a little bit of "the chicken and the egg" dilemma.

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