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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vending Question #4 - Where do you buy bulk candy?

Question: Where do you buy bulk candy?

Answer: There are many options for purchasing bulk candy. I buy for a wholesale distributor but I realize most people wouldn't want to order several hundred pounds at a time (especially since you only have two machines). I would suggest three techniques:

#1 - Local wholesale clubs (i.e. Sams, BJs, Costco). They usually have entire isles dedicated to vending supplies and they have the best prices. However if you only have a couple machines it may not be worth buying the membership.

#2 - Wal-Mart usually sells bulk bags of candy cheap, just watch your numbers. Each vend will be about 1/2 oz so a 2 Lb bags contains 32 vends and you should not pay more than $4 for it (that assumes a 50% ROI - return on investment).

#3 - Often I sometimes buy candy when it goes on sale after the holidays (50 - 75% off) at Wal-Mart or Target.

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